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With years of experience in computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), I have had the privilege of guiding aspiring designers and engineers on a transformative learning journey.

My teaching approach blends technical expertise with a perceptive eye for creativity, ensuring that each student not only comprehends the tools but also learns to use them in innovative ways.

My primary objective is to inspire individuals to embark on unknown territories in the fields of design and engineering, whether it involves mastering complex software or understanding design principles.

cadd training mentor

Anjaneya Puli has been trained more than 80,000 engineering students. He is taking CADD workshops at different colleges all over India with the name of Acadd Centre.

He also provides online CADD courses, and online live lectures through the name of Acadd Centre and Learn Delta.

To know more about CADD Course and our CADD Training join online classes at the AcaddCentre and LearnDelta.


Successfully conducted CADD Workshops at different colleges all over India.

Organizing a workshop at your college can be a fulfilling experience for you and your fellow students. It’s a chance to give back to the community and make a meaningful impact. Whether you’re passionate about a specific topic or simply want to help others grow, leading a workshop can be a valuable investment in your personal and academic growth.

So why not take the first step and start planning to organize your own workshop today at your college?  

Hello sir..I'm Parthiban from  government college of engineering Bodinayakkanur Tamilnadu...I attended ur workshop will be very helpful for has a giving a idea for my life.... I am surely join ur all courses and study well become a great civil engineer...

Parthiban v

I'm civil engineering student. While learning you will never get bored. For me it was a magical experience, learning process was amazing. With so simple words that any one can learn it. learned many new things, Really I enjoyed workshop and got best what I invested time. So thank you sir for your valuable time spending to share knowledge.


Such a fabulous place to learn all the essential courses with a affordable price and even offline as well as online courses are available. Online courses can be access anytime. I had attending the 2 hour workshop also and my experience of that was awesome.👏 …

Ahzam Ahmad

I'm charitha currently studying E2 in the department of civil Engineering in idupulpaya , IIIT RGUKT RK Valley. Today I attended the seminar which is led by Anjaneya Puli sir. Right from starting to end of the session I'm getting thrilled and excited. I came about to know many things which is really helpful in my career decisions making. It is such a valuable and precious time for me to be a part of this seminar session. Thank you so much for your sacrificial efforts in travelling this long distance and providing your valuable speech.

Charitha Palla

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